Great Taste Award

 Great Taste Award 

1. Shizuoka Tea Company Ltd. has been awarded two stars for outstanding taste and quality for its premier black tea offering, Benefuhki Tea, for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 in the world renowned Great Taste Award event organized by the Guild of Fine Food.

2. The Guild of Fine Food is an organization formed in 1995 in the United Kingdom with the mission to support and encourage specialty/gourmet food and drink producers.

3. The Guild organizes various activities designed to promote excellence in these food and drink industries. One of its most important activities is the annual Great Taste Award competitive event which also began in 1995.

4. Great Taste Award is the largest and most trusted award event for specialty fine food and drink. It is an international event with products entered and judged from all over the world.

5. Over 400 judges working in small groups evaluated more than 10,000 specialty food and drink products from all over the world from April to the middle of July, 2015. They awarded one, two and three stars to the products judged worthy of these accolades.

6. Shizuoka Tea Company's premier black tea product, Benefuhki Tea, was awarded two stars in the single estate loose tea category. Winning a two star outstanding accreditation insures that the products the consumer purchases have a trusted and reliable seal of approval based upon quality and taste and not marketing.

7. Many famous producers of fine food and drink from all over the world enter the Great Taste Award annual event. Among the famous participating tea beverage producers, such companies as Twinings, Fortnum and Mason and Unilever(Lipton Tea) have entered this event. Judging standards are very strict and rigorous and winning an award in this world-wide and large competitive event is an extremely notable achievement.

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